The way I look at our government is we should all look to them as the ‘voice and will’ of the British people – at least in a normal world/scenario. Over the last 3 years that I’ve tuned into politics it has grown increasingly apparent the only thing I’d associate an aspect of ‘the people’ with them is that of a laughing stock. They hold ordinary people in contempt and I firmly believe that the Brexit referendum we have come to expect will be betrayed in the very near future.
Between the continued witch hunt against truth tellers and especially against somebody like Tommy Robinson, the great Brexit betrayal, and the continued failing of our government to attack the fundamental issues in the country including militant Islam, it is no surprise that the government are being held in contempt by the British public. Their continued attempts to silence ordinary British people who merely speak the truth is not only detrimental to the reputation of the government, but is also a significant waste of tax payer money that could simply be used for much more beneficial means such as more police, or stricter security at our borders.
While Tommy Robinson doesn’t have hundreds and thousands behind him in the UK his support is growing steadily as more and more people start to realise what is really going on behind the scenes of our government. This is what the establishment is terrified of as it could usher in a new age where people are treated [more] equally than they do now.
Each time they try to silence one of us, while refusing to ensure that some extremist ideologies are punished within accordance to the law is an insult to every person who voted for the Conservative Government. Whenever we try to challenge the problems though we are slandered with the usual name tags of ‘Fascist’ ‘Racist’ ‘Islamophobe’ etcetera etcetera.
We once stood as a great nation and we can once again…. But not under our currently dictatorship or while we remain part of the EU. It is because of this I am absolutely convinced that things must change. Unfortunately, while our situation may be dire a much darker epiphany may be realised in the [not-too-distant] future. Peaceful protests have been plentiful amongst the centrist/right-wing parties and people but have failed to produce any meaningful victories and this has to change.
It is because of these reasons I decided to put my metaphorical hat into the ring and actually be part of the forgotten army where I hope that finally the working class will receive a voice that can bring about change. Even in hardships great things can come about and even when things look hopeless, remember…. It NEVER IS.

Written by prominent Youtuber Matthew Fairhurst
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