EXCLUSIVE: Interviewed by Tommy Robinson after ANTIFA throw milkshake at his head


We spoke to YouTuber and independent journalist ‘publick occurences’ on his encounter with antifa

I had come up to Manchester from London that morning to report on the event for my youtube channel. I spent the first hour talking to people on Tommy’s side of the police line without incident. I crossed the line to talk to the Antifa protestors. Most people refused to talk but two men did, and after a couple minutes of reasonable (I thought) dialogue, I was pelted on the side of the head with a McDonald’s vanilla milkshake. It dripped down all over my suit, the only suit I own.

I live and work in Asia, so I’m not exactly flush with cash. I filed a police report and I hope the guy who did this is made into an example, so it doesn’t happen to more people in the future.

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